Chengs Advertising Flyer

Business Advertising

We recognise the importance of advertising in a way that as many people as possible in the local area will see. This is important for businesses, shops, restaurants and also outdoor events.

Outdoor Event Promotion

Sadly, many events such as inflatable fun days, fetes and fayres are affected by reduced numbers of visitors on the day and you can find that even people who lived next door to the event didn’t know it was taking place. Often, despite publicity in local and free newspapers, people simply do not know it is taking place, or they get the day wrong.

To support event organisers, we offer really cost effective design and printing of PVC outdoor banners which can be displayed outside the venue and colour flyers which can be given out to increase attendance.

All our prices include full design to your satisfaction and delivery - there are no hidden charges. Our work is carried out to a high quality and many people return for additional printing.


We also have a mobile advertising trailer which we can use to promote your event or business to the local community with a massive 16 foot wide by 8 foot tall banner!